Better than Skydiving

Looking for something better than skydiving? Are you trying to buy a present for someone who has done it all – skydiving, bungy jumping, V8 touring car hot laps? Well this activity will have them subjected to over five times the force of gravity, hanging upside down from a four-point harness and accelerating from 0 to 350 km/hr in 4.5 seconds and is hands down no question better than skydiving.

What is it?

Strap on a two-seat military fighter aircraft and find out! For those who have already done skydiving take note – there is no need to jump out of these aircraft. You are riding in an incredibly strong and overbuilt military fighter trainer aircraft, built to withstand the rigors of military service. This WWII style prop driven aircraft can fly at six times the force of gravity all day long. Only problem is the human body can’t!

Aerobatic adventure flights range from around $250 to $600, this is both more expensive and cheaper than skydiving – giving you real flexibility in choice to match your budget and hunger for adventure. An aerobatic adventure flight is the next step up in adrenalin and adventure and has been declared by many to be better than skydiving. Of course we are a little biased and the author actually thinks skydiving is pretty awesome, but 60 seconds of free fall and it’s all over just does not compare to even the most budget-minded 15 minute aerobatic flight in the supercharged Nanchang CJ6 or Yak 52 fighter trainer aircraft.

So next time you’re looking for something better than skydiving, check out an Aerobatic adventure flight and really give a loved one or friend an incredible adventure to remember!

Created by Aviator under Melbourne, news on Wednesday 31st of July 2013

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